Insulated Cladding System


PURclad is a thermal building panel designed as an affordable, eco-friendly cladding option. The PURclad panel can be installed with fixings and adhesive to most types of walls in the building industry, including the Fast Fix wall panel.  The cement sheeting bonded to the rigid insulation increases the thermal and acoustic properties as well as energy efficiency, whilst adding strength to the wall structure. PURclad also allows for many external finishes variations such as texture rendering, external paint or additional external cladding to achieve your desired style.

Exterior Cladding Panel


  • Applied to Masonry to increase thermal rating
  • Applied to Timber/Metal Frame
  • Applied to SIPS Wall for increased thermal rating
  • Clad over old existing walls to both revamp aesthetics and increase thermal ratings
  • Increase thermal values for small sheds,


  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Able to be Rendered and/or Cladded Externally & Internally
  • High Thermal and Acoustic Properties
  • High Durability/Lifespan
  • Structurally Designed to Meet Engineers Requirements