The Complete INSULFRAME Wall System


The Insulframe External Wall system is a lightweight wall panel solution that has been developed for multi-residential buildings and focuses on durability, high acoustic and thermal values, improved weatherproofing and condensation management.

At the core of the wall system is a rigid 90mm wall panel, insulated with high-density Rockwool and lined with a breathable fibre cement sheet developed by James Hardie, which acts as an airtight-waterproof barrier to all external weather conditions.

Constructed with INSULFRAME

The Insulframe external wall panel comprises of a Rockwool insulated core deemed non-combustible, with a weatherproof barrier by James Hardie RAB Board which creates an air-tight seal to repel water and wind whilst allowing moisture to escape. The high-density Rockwool insulation combined with rigid fibre cement linings provides high thermal and acoustic properties, and in turn reduces infiltration and increases the energy efficiency of each unit.  


  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Able to be Rendered and/or Cladded Externally & Internally
  • High Thermal and Acoustic Properties
  • High Durability/Lifespan
  • Structurally Designed to Meet Engineers Requirements