The Precinct, Mt Pleasant

Stage 2

Project Description:

Another 21 Storey luxury development built by BGC Construction and developed by Norup & Wilson property developers. Similar to The Crest project, the Rockwool external and internal SIP panels were chosen to achieve high thermal and acoustic properties to add value to each apartment.

BGC Construction used a post-tensioning slab system which meant that each floor was being poured every 9 days. Which meant the walls had to be installed extremely quickly to keep up with the concretor, and allow the internal trades and services to progress.

Luke – BGC Site Supervisor: “I have been impressed with the system in general. The speed of installation was able to keep up with the workflow of turning over a floor every 9 days, following on from the pouring of the slabs. The finished product is neat and experienced less defects than many alternative walling systems.”